How to Moisturize a Beard – Balm & Co. Beard Butter Review

Man adding shine and softness to beard using the tutorial for How to Moisturize Your Beard using the Balm & Co Big A** Beard Butter.

Man adding shine and softness to beard using the tutorial for How to Moisturize Your Beard using the Balm & Co Big A** Beard Butter.


Typical Beard Regimen

I often grow my beard out, since I don’t really like to shave on a regular basis. Everytime I’ve grown my beard, I have never really had a routine or regimen to keep it in it’s best condition; I typically just wash my beard with whatever shampoo I use in my hair and comb through it. My beard usually ends up pretty dry, with a “crispiness” to it that you can hear, and it is accompanied with shedding on my bathroom sink.

Big A** Beard Product Details

Balm & Co. Big A** Beard is a blend of Shea butter, Cupuacu butter, Vitamin E, Castor oil, Candelila wax, Coconut oil, and Balm & Co. Essential Oil Blend.

I honestly was expecting like a whipped mixture or a conditioner-like product, but this is solid and a little grainy.

It smells great! Definitely not a feminine smell, but not overpowering and it doesn’t really linger.  You can still spray your favorite cologne without worrying about the scents competing; if anything, the natural scent of this butter will probably compliment most other scents.

First Impression of Big A** Beard Butter

The first time I used this product, it was a noticeable and pleasant difference in both the look and feel of my beard.  With just a little amount, my entire beard immediately feels softer to the touch, and has more sheen, which to me, made it seem fuller.  Combing through the beard afterwards was so much easier too, not nearly as many (actually, I don’t think there were any) knots or kinks to pull through, and no curls caught in the comb when I was done. By the end of the day my beard was still soft and retaining most of its shine.

When to Use Big A** Beard Butter

I took a day off just to see how long the “effects” would last.  With just moisture from the shower, my beard did remain much softer the next day than it was in the past, but it wasn’t nearly as soft and manageable as it was after applying the Balm & Co Beard Butter. So, while it could be used as the occasional treat for your beard,  I would definitely recommend daily use.

Balm & Co. Big A** Beard is a great addition (or start, if you’re like me) to a great beard care regimen. You can purchase the Balm & Co. Big A** Beard in their website

How to Moisturize a Beard

To achieve the maximum benefits of the Balm & Co. Big A** Beard butter you have to properly moisturize your beard. First and foremost, you need moisture, whether it be the water from the shower or a water-based product like the Moisture Infusion. After you’ve applied the moisture use the Big A** Beard butter to seal in the moisture. You can view a demonstration in the “How to Moisture a Beard Tutorial” video.

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