Announcements and recaps of events in the natural hair community.

Loc Appreciation Day 2016

Are You Ready For Loc Appreciation Day?!

Loc Appreciation Day is a community-driven international celebration to show the beauty of locs in the world of natural hair. 
Celebrate Kwanzaa With Me - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

Celebrate Kwanzaa With Me!

Come celebrate Kwanzaa with me live, learn about each principle, and win amazing products from black-owned businesses! #CNGKwanzaa
Reasons Why You SHould Attend Natural Hair Shows - CurlyNuGrowth.com

5 Reasons You Should Attend Natural Hair Shows

I remember when there were only 2-3 natural hair events per year— the World Natural Hair Show, Sisterlocks Explosion, and maybe you can count the Bronner Bros Show. Now, there are plenty of events surrounding natural hair— Natural Hair Expo, Afropunk, Loc Appreciation Day, International Natural Hair Meetup Day, and even a Natural Hair Industry Convention; but have you ever joined in the festivities? If not, let me be the first to tell you from...
NO RETWIST CHALLENGE Hosted by CurlyNuGrowth.com

No Retwist Challenge!

I challenge you to improve the health of your locs and gain appreciation for your natural beauty by leaving your locs alone for 8 weeks! Yes, EIGHT weeks. You can do it! We can do it. Even though I have never been able to reach the 8-week mark, of not retwisting my locs, I have a strong feeling that if we start together we can keep each other encouraged and make it! Just think about...

Transitioning to Locs

In case you missed it yesterday, I was the guest Co-Host on Nappturalite Radio discussing various ways to Transition to Locs, methods to starting different types of locs, and a few other tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way!  You can listen to the entire episode [HERE] or skip directly to my interview which starts at the 25 minute mark! I hope you enjoy and definitely share any tips you’ve learned along your loc...