Hair Styling Options for Textured Hair, Short-Length Locs, Medium-Length Locs, and Long-Length Locs.

High Bun Style on Thick Locs

A Simple Hack To Create a Full Sculptured Bun With Shorter Length

Sharing a quick and easy hack that I discovered to create a sculptured bun with short to medium length locs!
Hairstyle For Short Locs

How to Style Your Hair When You’re Not Comfortable With Short Locs

The decision to start your loc journey is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for you hair, so you should not worry or have anxiety about how to wear your short locs. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to style short locs so that you’re able to feel comfortable and confident as you transition into your new hair (and lifestyle) journey. 3 Hairstyles For Transitioning To Locs from Short Hair Faux...
Pin Curls on Sisterlocks

Faux Afro Hairstyle With Pin Curls on Sisterlocks

This style is really simple to achieve and will result in a head full of loose curls after you take it down. Another great 2 in 1 style! This style is also great for new Sisterlocks because it does not pull on the roots or cause slippage. You can also achieve this style if you have short/medium length traditional locs, which makes it a great option for starter locs as well!   Products & Tools...
Headwrap Style for Locs

Easy Headwrap Style Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial of an easy headwrap style for short hair that takes less than 5 minutes to create.
Pipe Cleaner Curls on Locs - Curlynugrowth.com

In the Stylist’s Chair: Pipe Cleaner Curls on Locs

One of the styles that I am constantly perfecting these days is Pipe Cleaner Curls on Locs. Nowadays, I am in love with Pipe Cleaner Curls— but if you’ve been following my journey you know prior to working in the salon I HATED pipe cleaners and it was because I didn’t understand the art (and technique) behind them.