Hair Styling Options for Textured Hair, Short-Length Locs, Medium-Length Locs, and Long-Length Locs.

4 Hairstyles for Locs in the Workplace - CURLYNUGROWTH.com

How to Style Locs for the Workplace

“How will I wear my hair at work?” — Finally, the answer to one of the most common phrases amongst Loc Rockers and people that want to start locs. There are many stereotypes when it comes to locs, such as they’re not clean, they’re not elegant, and that you can’t wear locs in Corporate America but from personal experience, I’m here to tell you it can be done! Here are a few styles for locs...
faux locs bun for short locs

How to Create a High Bun with Short Locs

Putting your locs into a ponytail, or better yet, a high bun is one of the milestones that I think ever Loc Rocker aims to attain. This lofty goal can take YEARS to achieve naturally but if you can put your locs into a ponytail regardless of how short it is, you can now create a high bun. Yes, I’ve discovered a method to create a high bun with short locs that is relatively simple...
Chic Locs Updo

Chic Locs Updo Tutorial

Need a new hairstyle for your locs? This Chic Locs Updo is perfect for medium to long length dreads and is very easy to create!

EASY Faux Locs Extensions Tutorial

A few months ago I installed Faux Locs Extensions and raved about how great the Havana Hair was over Marley Hair; I also promised a tutorial for how to install Loc Extensions over locs. It’s finally here! Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial to install natural-looking Loc Extensions using Havana Hair. If you are curious about the difference between Havana Hair & Marley Hair or wondering where to buy Havana Hair for less than $9 per bundle, check...
Before and After Results of Crochet Braids over Locs in Bob Hairstyle

Short Bob with Crochet Marley Hair Tutorial

I’ve installed Crochet Marley Twists Over my locs numerous times and each time I make them long and thick, but with this summer heat loads of hair can be too much. The solution is cutting the Marley Twists into a Short Bob Hairstyle.   Creating a natural looking Bob with Crochet Marley hair can be tricky so in this tutorial, “Bob Haircut Tutorial with Crochet Marley Hair “ I show two techniques to make it look like your own natural...