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Why Are My Locs Frizzy

Why Are My Locs Always Frizzy

Sharing the top 4 causes of frizzy locs to help you understand why your locs may be frizzy all time and solutions to help address your concerns.

5 Ways To Have Fun With Locs

A few of the ways that you can have fun with your locs without adding color involve loc jewelry, hair sprinkles, hair color spray, yarn wrapping, and pony beads. Interested?!
Hairstyle For Short Locs

How to Style Your Hair When You’re Not Comfortable With Short Locs

The decision to start your loc journey is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for you hair, so you should not worry or have anxiety about how to wear your short locs....
Products for Retwisting Locs

Top 3 Things You Need For Retwising Locs

The top 3 essential products and tools for retwisting locs at home to make sure your retwist last longer and looks neater.
Risks of Air Drying Locs

3 Biggest Risks of Air Drying Your Locs

Learn the three biggest risks associated with air drying locs and tips on how to properly dry your locs.