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How I Detox My Locs

Why I Detox My Locs, Even Without Seeing Buildup

You need to detox your locs even with you do not notice any buildup in your locs. I prefer to do a detox soak multiple times a year and I’ll share why!
High Bun Style on Thick Locs

A Simple Hack To Create a Full Sculptured Bun With Shorter Length

Sharing a quick and easy hack that I discovered to create a sculptured bun with short to medium length locs!
Products for Retwisting Locs

Top 3 Things You Need For Retwising Locs

The top 3 essential products and tools for retwisting locs at home to make sure your retwist last longer and looks neater.

My Locs Are Born: Est. 12/12/12

I started my locs today using the Backcombing method I shared with you a few weeks ago [HERE]. I am very happy with the way my locs came out using this method mixed with...

Starting My Locs With Backcombing?

  This is my first video, sort of an introduction, to my new journey to Traditional Locs. While searching through YouTube for Loc inspiration and doing some research for my own journey  I stumbled upon two great channels; Shawnta715...