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Topics in Hair Color including Color Damage, Color Application, and Color Inspiration.

5 Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Locs

These are the top 5 things to consider before coloring your locs so that you don’t make the mistake of coloring your locs without fully understanding the true cost.
Jet Black Before and After Hair Color Results on Locs

Coloring My Locs Black with Shea Moisture

I did it again, colored my locs, but this time is permanent (I know I say that each time, lol)! After my violet locs, blue locs, failed attempt at green locs, and my recent...

Removing Hair Chalk Buildup

If you checked out my recent experiment with Hair Chalk then you know how vibrant and intense that hair color was. Well, I never thought I’d pay the price for that vibrancy. After almost 3...

Hair Chalk on Black Hair!

I purchased the L’Oréal hair chalks awhile ago when I spotted a picture of CurlyNikki with a fun blue-purple ombré using hair chalk. What really interested me about the L’Oréal brand Hair Chalk was...

New Haircolor & Marley Twists!

Yeah… I know what you’re thinking, “She colored her hair again?!” …. (hides behind computer screen)… Yeah BUT see what had happened was… Ok in all honesty I was bored, bored with that red-violet...