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Hair Loss

Can Biotin and Castor Oil Thicken Your Locs

Do Biotin & Castor Oil Really Grow Your Hair?

Sharing my personal account with thinning locs and professional evidence about how the use of biotin vitamins and castor oil to thicken your hair can cause more harm than good.
Thinning Locs due to dryness

9 Common Causes of Thinning Locs

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT normal for locs to thin and break off, especially without warning. In this article, learn the 9 most common causes of thinning locs and where to seek...

Disease & Vitamin Deficiency Traits in Your Hair

The 2015 Naturalista Hair Show was an amazing event filled with valuable information, great hands-on classes, and phenomenal vendors. One of my favorite presentations was the “Science of Hair” with Licensed Cosmetologist Camille Reed. If...
Regrowing Edges Using Hair Oil -

How To Regrow Edges Naturally

What’s that saying? — “You never miss it until it’s gone” — well, that applies to edges too! You don’t know how much you love your edges until you lose them; especially when it’s...
postpartum hair loss on edges

4 Tips to Overcome Postpartum Hair Loss

“After you give birth you’re hair is going to fall out!” I heard this for the majority of my pregnancy but I dismissed the warning because I was convinced that if you have locs...