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Hair Steaming

How I Use the Shower to Keep My Locs Hydrated

How I Hydrate My Locs In The Shower

Sharing my shower ritual and how I use the steam in the shower to keep my locs hydrated.

7 Ways to Moisturize Dry Locs

Your locs must be moisturized to be healthy— and you cannot have healthy locs if you have dry locs. To better understand why you must properly moisturize your locs, let’s imagine a box of...

How to Prevent Dry Locs in Cold Climates

3 Tips to Prevent Dry Locs
Qredew Handheld Hair Steamer On Locs

Hair Diary: Nighttime Qredew

A quick review of how beneficial steam is to locs and why it is important to moisturize your hair if you have colored your locs.

WEN & Huetiful Hair Steamer on Sisterlocks

UPDATE (2016): I do not recommend using the WEN System on Locs or Sisterlocks. My Sisterlocks suffered when I stopped using the Sisterlocks System before my Sisterlocks were settled. I ordered the WEN Hair...