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Side Swoop with Locs -

#NuGrowthChallenge Week 3 Update

Week 3— My roots have a mind of their own! This is typically the week that I’d retwist my locs and truthfully I almost had a moment of weekness— but ya’ll saved me!
Locs Pinup Hairstyle -

#NuGrowthChallenge Week 2 Update

After swimming, exercising, and a few styles over the past week, my locs are definitely bushy and I could most definitely use a retwist — at least on my edges. However, I am staying...
braid out on thick locs - CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

No Retwist & 32 Month Loc Update

I’m challenging myself and others not to retwist for 8 weeks as part of the No Retwist #NuGrowthChallenge — This is week 1! Today also marks 32 months (2 years and 8 months) with...

No Retwist Challenge!

I challenge you to improve the health of your locs and gain appreciation for your natural beauty by leaving your locs alone for 8 weeks! Yes, EIGHT weeks. You can do it! We can...