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indieafrikana Thick Locs

Crown Chronicle of @IndieAfrikana

IndieAfrikana is a Leo Empress that’s relatively new in the Loc Family but her Instagram page has a lot of Loc Inspiration! Take a peek into her journey thus far and to see how she has cultivated...
CurlyNuGrowth Semi-Freeform Locs at 21 Months

21 Month Loc Update: Semi-Freeform Locs Vlog #1

A quick update on my new semi-freeform locs regimen, styles, and progress of the locs that I’ve recently combined.
semi freeform locs

My Decision to Semi-Freeform My Locs

On my journey to creating thicker locs that I posted about a few weeks ago regarding combining my locs a reader made a comment that resonated with me, “you can make them bigger but not...