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Simple Locs Updo -

Transplant Loc Extensions

On November 4th, I completed the installation of Loc Extensions on my Mother— using my husband’s locs. I know you’re probably looking confused and re-reading what I just wrote, but you read it right,...

7 Methods to Start Locs: Drawbacks & What to Expect

There are essentially 7 different methods that can be used to start locs. The best method for you depends greatly on the combination of your hair texture, hair length, and desired end result/size. I...
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Locs -

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Locs

After completely ruining my first set of Sisterlocks, you’d think I learned a lesson on proper care for locs— nope! It wasn’t until about 14 months into my new set of Traditional Locs that...
Three Things You MUST Do Before Transitioning to Locs -

How to Easily Transition from Curls to Locs

You can’t just wake up one morning and say “I’m getting locs!” — there are levels to this journey! Well…I take that back, I’m sure you can do that, but the likelihood of you...
Deciding between Sisterlocks or Traditional Locs - http://CURLYNUGROWTH.COM

Deciding between Sisterlocks or Traditional Locs

I received a question from @Cup_of_Teee on Instagram— “What type of locs would I recommend for her first set of locs, Sisterlocks or thicker locs (Traditional Locs)?” This was a great question! Since I’ve...