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Step-by-Step demonstrations of hairstyles, product mixtures, and hair care best practices.

Before and After results of Loc Repair -

3 Tips for Frizzy Hair Loc Repair at Home

One of my biggest issues with my locs was that I had mountains of loose hairs that were not apart of a loc. This really irritated me and actually made me really self-conscious. I...
faux locs bun for short locs

How to Create a High Bun with Short Locs

Putting your locs into a ponytail, or better yet, a high bun is one of the milestones that I think ever Loc Rocker aims to attain. This lofty goal can take YEARS to achieve...
Loc Brushing is very beneficial to improving the health of your scalp and hair.

Using a Brush on Locs: Loc Brushing 101

Imagine you’re putting together a few must-have essentials for locs hair care. Did you add in a brush to the necessities? If not then you’d better reconsider because Loc Brushing can drastically improve the...
Man adding shine and softness to beard using the tutorial for How to Moisturize Your Beard using the Balm & Co Big A** Beard Butter.

How to Moisturize a Beard – Balm & Co. Beard Butter Review

    Typical Beard Regimen I often grow my beard out, since I don’t really like to shave on a regular basis. Everytime I’ve grown my beard, I have never really had a routine...
starter locs

How to Shampoo & Maintain Starter Locs

Maintaining Locs at Home Maintaining Traditional Locs at home is fairly easy, if you know what you’re doing and practice good hair care. One area that many people fear or aren’t very knowledgeable on...